Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Eclectic Authoress' Guide to Houseguests

We all have friends that come to stay, and we're all thrilled to have them- until we realise that we must clean and cook and clean again. Here are some tips for making your houseguest's stay as enjoyable as possible- for them and for you!
1. Plan ahead.
Make sure you have the food you need to last the week, unless you want to drag your guest out to the supermarket. And, if your guests have any dietary needs, find out early and plan accordingly.
Plan, too, entertainment; what will you do?
2. Think about breakfast.
It's the most important and most overlooked meal of the day. Get an arrangement of cereals, bread for toast, bagels with various spreads, and eggs. Make it continental style, and have the guests choose what they want to eat.
3. Clean ahead.
This sort of goes with planning, but definitely deserves its own category. Clean bit by bit so you aren't overwhelmed the day before arrival.
4. Activities
Plan things to do that you normally wouldn't. Go to an art museum; have a picnic; visit a zoo.
5. Document
Take pictures throughout their stay and send the best to them- after departure.
6. Film Buff
Have your guests put a hand in the movie night picks. Spread out your choices and have them narrow it down from there; mix in classics like "Big" or "Breakfast at Tiffany's" with newer releases like "The Avengers".
7. Peace and Water
Everyone enjoys a pool, lake, or ocean. Younger visitors can have a swim while other, less interested guests can sunbathe.

I hope my seven step guide is helpful for the next time you entertain!

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