Thursday, March 27, 2014

gimme gimme

It has been officially spring for a week now, and, much to my annoyance, the temperature hasn't reached sixty degrees (Fahrenheit) since. In a nice spurt of denial, I have planned one of my "wishlist" posts- spring style.

1. I have probably talked about these shoes from Topshop before. But they are absolutely perfect, and I want them in every color.
Photo 3 of MARGATE Double Buckle Geek Shoes
2. Also this pair, also from Topshop, which is similar in style and perfection.
Photo 3 of MARTIE Geek Shoes
3.And this Modcloth dress has tiny little zebras on it, yet still manages to be classy. I can't help but respect that.

4.This cute peter-pan collared shirt from Urban Outfitters is in baby blue, the most spring-y color of all (also, my favorite).

Coincidence & Chance Open-Back Collared Top

Hope you enjoyed my March wishlist- and hopefully, you all are in places warm enough to wear these lovelies!

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