Friday, July 5, 2013

Denim DIY

Denim vests are very hip, reasonably vintage looking, and incredibly overpriced. Check out the "Levi's Denim Trucker Vest", $59, or the "BDG Americana Denim Vet", $69. Both are from Urban Outfitters, and are at the low end of denim vest prices. Instead of shelling out sixty or seventy dollars, why not make it a DIY?
I took a light colored jean jacket I got from Target (Converse brand) for twenty-five dollars. I've worn the jacket for years, but the sleeves are getting a bit short. Also, I've been eying denim vests. So what do I do?
Cut the sleeves off.
You can get a jean jacket at thrift stored like Goodwill, or at your local Target or Walmart. They'll all be less then thirty dollars, and you can probably find one for about $15.
Cut with an Exact-o knife (on a cutting board) around the seam of where the sleeve attaches to the shoulder. Clean it up with a pair of sharp scissors, and wallah!
You have a DIY denim vest.

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