Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Library Stairs

A Half-Past Nine in NY

If NYC is the ever famed city that never sleeps, its close neighbor Elizabeth, New Jersey, is the city that watches the city that never sleeps. As we are staying in the New York City Relief volunteer headquarters on church camp style bunk beds, the eclectic authoress has had had several impressions of this lesser known neighbor of the Big Apple.
1. It's charming.
The houses along the center are rustic and antique, painted mint tones as well as pale yellow. It is pastels and fire escapes to the fullest and best.
2. The residents do not drive in a way I am accustomed to.
There is much honking of horns and swerving of vehicles and broken seat belts. The first ride is really quite full of fear.
And that, dear readers, is the city without a catchy title- but still manages to be splendid.
With ever so much love, the eclectic authoress