Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Going Indie

Independence Day, better known as the Fourth of July, is quickly approaching. Here are some tips to make your party as patriotic as possible.
1. S'mores.
If you have a fire pit, this is a must. Guests will be entranced, and want "s'more" of your parties.
2. Plates
Buy plastic or paper plates that fit with the theme. This could be flags, eagles, or fireworks.
3. Accessories
Napkins, cups, and table runners: these match beautifully, and don't have to be overstated. A lovely red and blue plaid gives the desired effect. When accessorizing as such, white plates will suffice.
4. Games
Do you have any plans for your party? What will you do between dinner and s'mores? I recommend some sort of card game- KEMPS is a favorite, or blackjack- and make it into a tournament. If your party is too large for that, set up a game of charades or Pictionary.

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