Wednesday, July 9, 2014

liebester nominations

So, my friend over at the blog Fountain Pen Girl has been nominated for a Liebester Award, which is an award designed to bring attention to relatively unknown bloggers. Apparently, I have to answer eleven questions about myself, then pass it on to a few other bloggers. Here are the questions I was given:

1. Character you love to hate?

Mr. Rochester from Jane Eyre. He has so many problems and so many flaws ("no, I'm not already married, no, my wife isn't hidden in the attic"), but goodness gracious he is beautiful.

2. Book/series that needs to be adapted into a movie/TV show right now? 

We Were Liars, by E. Lockhart. I've talked about this book before, I believe; it's one of my favorites of late. But seriously, it's absolutely wonderful. Also, I'd like to see a miniseries done of A Series of Unfortunate Events, with each book like an hour and a half long episode. The movie for that was completely inaccurate.

3. Author you wish you could write like?

Kurt Vonnegut

4.  The most horribly disgusting, terribly written book you would burn all the copies of if you could legally?

I'm rather against book burnings in general, honestly. I mean, if you burn one book, what's to stop people from burning them all? We don't want to be in a Fahrenheit 451 sort of situation here.

5. Biggest fandom?


6.  Novel/series you've written fanfic of/want to?

I haven't written any fanfics (and don't really plan to), mostly because working with characters that aren't your own is tricky. I'd probably go with something from Harry Potter, though.

7. Favorite forced school reading book?

The Lord of the Flies

8. Least favorite school reading book?

Silence, by Shusaku Endo

9. First book/series obsession?

The Boxcar Children

10. Three authors you'd invite to lunch/tea/dinner?

Kurt Vonnegut, Charlotte Bronte, and Sylvia Plath

11. Bookstore you'd raid if you had a $1000 gift card?

Barnes & Noble

Now, I'm supposed to pass this nomination on to eleven bloggers; however, I don't actually know that many, or follow a lot of semi-unknown blogs. I would, however, like to mention a few.

Aerin at artist17b

S.J. Bouquet

I'm not going to type out questions for them, since there are only two, but I would certainly recommend a look at their blogs.

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