Thursday, February 6, 2014

lady detective

 Set in 1920s Australia, Miss Fisher Murder Mysteries defies most (if not all) stereotypes. She is a woman detective and quite independent. One of her friends- who is also a woman- is a doctor and scientist. The police (her particular friends, when it suits her) are completely competent, and the murders are not always based around the same thing.

To date, I have only seen a few episodes of Miss Fisher. However, these episodes are enough to know that I exuberantly recommend diving into her dangerous world of gold plated guns and keeping daggers in your garter. Essie Davis (Miss Fisher herself) plays the part with such honesty, you'd think she'd lived her entire life chasing criminals in heels. Her friends include the dashing Nathan Page as the Detective Inspector, the young constable Hugh (played lovably by Hugo Johnstone-Burt), and Dot (Ashleigh Cummings), a girl who works at Miss Fisher's home and- defying the social standards of the time- has become her friend.

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