Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Oh, Lorde

When I started listening to Lorde's music, I suddenly had a problem: how to pronounce her name. I couldn't very well tell someone that, "Oh, I love that one artist's music- Lordy? Lord-eh? L-O-R-D-E? However you pronounce it? She sings 'Royals'?" And so- as every problem requires- I Googled it. As I did so, I found interviews of this artist, and, naturally, watched. By doing so, I found not only that Lorde is pronounced "lord", but also she seems like an actually cool, down to earth person. And (to top it all off), I am incredibly jealous of her hair.

And so, do give Lorde a listen- a few of my favorites of her songs are as follows:

"400 Lux"
"The Love Club"
"Buzzcut Season"
And, of course, the ever-played, a-bit-too-mainstream, "Royals".

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