Friday, September 6, 2013

Humming On the Road

A week ago, I made the mistake of saying something like "Everything with Bing Crosby is good!" My friend had just watched White Christmas, eighty-degree weather apparently aside, and I was quite thrilled with the remembrances. It is quite a good movie, after all, and thus inspired me to look up some of Bing's other hits.
Road to Singapore (1940) PosterI watched Road to Singapore, a 1940s film with Bing Crosby (naturally) and Bob Hope. It had a few fun songs, and I'm now quite the Bob Hope fan.
I do not, however, recommend the movie. I'm still rather disappointed that Bob's character didn't get the girl. He was definitely the better person in the film, and, though the girl (played by Dorothy Lamour) was rather stupid, he certainly deserved her. A man who can sing and dance, and talks about making a home with her- and oh, yes, she chooses the one who left with his fiance.
I really don't understand it.
And so, while Bing and Bob are simply marvelous, I cannot add Road to Singapore to any recommendation list. It's good for a laugh, and maybe for a sappy, romantic mood, but it is certainly not any follow-up to the previous night's Field of Dreams.

Screaming about curtains is no match for If you build it, he will come.

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