Friday, February 15, 2013

The Age of the Morning

Tonight, the eclectic authoress will find herself on a bus trip that might last until two in the morning. She understands that her dear readers might find themselves in a similar situation one day, and has decided to grant advice.
1. Bring music
This may be your only way to sleep. If you are unable to decide which music to bring, please visit my post "A Recommendation". It has quite a large range.
2. Sleep
Bring a sleep mask, and a music device. And, possibly, a blanket.
3. Watch movies.
If your bus is the type to have televisions, do bring a film or two. I suggest classics like "Finding Nemo", "Toy Story", and "The Princess Diaries". While possibly unacceptable for any other setting, they are most definitely bus trip movies.
4. Read
I'd suggest either something huge that people will be too scared to ask you about, like Jane Eyre, or something fluffy that you can half concentrate on and still talk with those around you.
5. Play cards
Perhaps KEMPS? That's a very good road trip game.
With ever so much love, the eclectic authoress herself.

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